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Training Classes or Private Lessons

Puppy Preschool, Household Obedience, Rally, Agility, Conformation, Barn Hunt, Water Sports, & Play Yards

Dogs are not required to be purebred or altered.
Inside (Heated and A/C) & Outside Training Areas
Please do not hesitate to phone us with any question on a class, schedule or to ask our advice regarding your personal situation or generally raising your puppy. We train you to train your dog so the dog learns to respect you and your commands.

Cost is per SUMMER SESSION consisting of FOUR 45 minute weekly classes.

All CLASSES: If convenient, complete and mail or drop-off during our office hours your Registration Form and Payment (cash or check only) any day prior to your first class. Aggressive dogs must be evaluated prior to enrolling.

  • Cash or check payment ONLY. No credit cards accepted
  • Inclement weather phone: (203) 426-2881 from 4-5:30 PM
  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to first class for check-in, equipment purchases & payment, if necessary.
  • We accept new dogs only during the 1st or 2nd week of the progressive evening classes. A missed class may be made up within the current session.

Training Registration Form

Our regular six week training sessesion will resume the week of September 14th


PUPPY PRESCHOOL: (Structured Socialization) β€” 4 Week Session ($106.35 incl tax). STARTS: Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at 7:15-8:00 PM (details)

LEVEL #1: BASIC DOG TRAINING for Puppies or Adults β€”The foundation for all dog training. $(170.16 incl tax). STARTS: Tuesday, July 21, at 6:00-7:00 PM. (details)

AGILITYβ€”($106.35 incl tax) or $85.08 incl tax as ADD-ON of same dog. STARTS: Wednesday, July 22; Open All-Level Agility at 12:15 PM, 1:15 PM or 6:00 PM; Advanced Agility AT 7:00 PM. (details)


Training Class Descriptions

Puppy Preschool, Household Obedience, Rally, Agility, Conformation, Barn Hunt, Water Sports, & Play Yards. Top

Level #1: Basic TrainingPUPPY PRESCHOOL

Children and adults are encouraged to participate in this class for healthy puppies 10 weeks to 6 months of age who have started their vaccinations. An important first step to acclimate your puppy to becoming a well-adjusted and properly behaved family companion is early exposure to a structured socialization class. This may help prevent development of anxiety and exaggerated responses later in life. Your puppy learns proper play manners while building confidence around people and other dogs in a friendly fun style for your puppy's overall well-being. Questions on raising your puppy are discussed. This class is offered as part of The AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program.

LEVEL #1: BASIC DOG TRAINING for Puppies or Adults

For first timers of all ages or as a refresher. The foundation for all training and communication with your dog. Controlled walking, come when called, sit, down, stand, including stays at all positions are taught with distractions. Focused attention, wait, off, and leave it commands are covered. These establish the basis for an appropriate relationship between a family and their dog. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your first class to check-in and purchase proper equipment if needed. Equipment: appropriate training collar; 6' & 15' training leads (not retractable); small treats; soft-soled shoes and paper towels.

Agility Training thru TireAGILITY

For dogs already possessing the skills covered in our BASIC DOG TRAINING Level #1 class including the STAY and RECALL using distractions. This active fun sport creates excitement and confidence. While training, positive enforcement, safety and encouragement is emphasized. Agility is a great exercise for the active dog. Full range of obstacles with indoor and outdoor facilities available. Open All-Level, introduces the basic foundation skills of how to safely negotiate all the various agility obstacles. Advanced Agility, teaches Obstacle recognition, sequencing, gaining speed and accuracy. Proper handling and communication techniques of the handler are introduced, as well as building teamwork with motivation, focus and direction.


30 minutes of personalized conformation or breed handling or Junior Showmanship instruction with instructor, Joy S. Brewster designed to optimize you and your dog's performance. Lessons can be scheduled at any mutually convenient time. Please phone us at (203) 426-2881.


Water SportsA natural spring fed pond, approximately 50 x 150 feet and 6 feet deep is available on our property. The pond can be used by your dog for recreational swimming, retrieving work, sports jumping, etc. A regulation size dock, 8 x 40 feet extends into the pond for "Dock Jumping." Reservations are required for "Pond Time" and can be made for an individual dog, a group of dogs, or for eligible dogs while Boarding. Cost: $10/ person per half-hour

$50 Private Half-hour Lessons are available to assist your dog in having a pleasant swimming experience, or to learn "Dock Jumping," or to perfect his technique in "Dock Jumping."


A 90 x 110 foot, completely fenced grass Play/Training yard is available by reservation. A great spot to let your canine really stretch his/her legs! Cost $10/ person per half-hour.

Barn Hunt Fun Clinic

Barn Hunt Clinic

Instructional, fun Barn Hunt Clinic for novice and advanced. Price $15 for two runs.

Dates: Please call or email prior to the day of the Clinic (203) 426-2881; (6/27; 7/5; 7/18; 8/29).

Flyer: Click here

Reservation: phone/email in advance with contact information including name, phone and/or email.
203-426-2881 or

We will attempt to provide any schedule changes/notices in advance. Clubs or Groups, please contact us in advance.

What is a Barn Hunt? Top
The purpose of Barn Hunt is to demonstrate a dog's vermin hunting ability in finding and marking rats in a "barn-like" setting. Hay bales are used to introduce climbing and tunneling obstacles in the dog's path as they search out the rats. Rats are not harmed or stressed!

Any dog who can fit through an 18" wide by approximately 20-22" tall tunnel constructed of hay bales can enjoy this dog sport. The sport tests speed, agility, hunt drive, scenting ability, surefootedness, control and responsiveness to the handler's directions.

While Barn Hunt has roots and origins as a way to test working drives in dogs bred to hunt vermin, Barn Hunt is for any dog and handler who wish to play. This includes large dogs, pet dogs, altered dogs and dogs of breeds or mixes of breeds with or without a vermin-hunting history.