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Cassio Testimonial

  • Dear Joy,
    I just wanted to say Thank You for all the training classes you offer and I have taken advantage of.

With horrible weather and storms across the country, I was without power for almost a week. I was on a waiting list at 5 motels in my area and was finally lucky to find a hotel room that took dogs.

With all the news about how bad the storm might be, I packed a bag for Duncan with his toys, treats, baggies, dishes, food, collar and lead, bottled water, crate pad and one of my T-shirts. I was so glad I did this in advance because finding all that stuff with a flashlight would have been miserable.

I realized once we got to the hotel how training pays off. It was such a pleasure to be able to have Duncan heel, sit, wait, and even down, while I registered. He politely waited for the elevator until everyone was off before going in. He rode the elevator without a hitch. But the best thing was LEAVE IT. An elderly lady in a walker in the lobby, dropped her purse and her medication spilled all over the floor. One LEAVE IT and there was not a second look at the pills rolling on the floor. There was no shyness with her walker either.

You never know when you are going to have to leave your home and go to a hotel or even someone's home. I'm so glad Duncan and I signed up for all your classes. I have a wonderful well-behaved dog that is a joy to be around. So, to you and all your instructors, thank you for all you have done for Duncan and I.
Bev R.

  • They are friendly and ask questions to make sure Ginger is provided the best care. Janie L., Oxford
  • Your staff is friendly, VERY caring and most have worked at Cassio for a long time which is remarkable. Your staff is friendly, VERY caring and most have worked at Cassio for a long time which is remarkable. Facility appears to be clean and well maintained. Peter G., Newtown
  • Attention given to the dogs and care I see in employees. Karen H., Sandy Hook
  • Staff is friendly and courteous. Exterior premises are well-maintained and inviting. Graham I., Newtown
  • Our dogs have not gotten sick once yet from staying there, which is a change from another place we used to go too. Carissa G., Trumbull
  • Your staff has always been extremely friendly, courteous and accommodating. Ben's tail is always wagging when we bring him in, that's a very important measure for us. Sheila S., Bethel
  • I like having the option for my dogs to get short walks during the day. Jillian S., Danbury
  • Friendly people. Enjoy obedience training. Peg F., New Fairfield
  • Very accommodating. Easy to book and friendly staff. Meredith H., Southbury
  • I loved your facility, clean, well-staffed, and seemed to be highly recommended by friends that used your services. Convenient location. Kathleen C., Danbury
  • Hours are very convenient. Great staff. Linda C., Danbury